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Ariel Winter Thinks This ‘Modern Family’ Star Is the Kim Kardashian of the Cast

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Ariel Winter Thinks This ‘Modern Family’ Star Is the Kim Kardashian of the Cast

Ariel Winter has starred on Modern Family for more than half of her life. So, by now, she should know her costars like, well, family. In honor of Modern Family series finale on April 8, we put Winter’s knowledge of her cast members to the test in a game of Modern Family superlatives.

In a recent interview with StyleCaster, Winter opened up about the Modern Family finale (the Emmy-winning sitcom has been on ABC for 11 years) and how the show has changed her life. “It was a really beautiful day, but it was also a very emotional day,” she told StyleCaster of the series finale. “We couldn’t do many takes of a lot of the scenes because we couldn’t keep it together.”

Winter was 10 years old when she first starred on Modern Family as Alex Dunphy, the brainy, sarcastic middle child of Claire (a helicopter soccer mom) and Phil (an embarrassing “cool” dad). The show stars Julie Bowen and Ty Burrell as Alex’s parents, but Winter’s on-screen family extends beyond her fictional mom and dad. Sarah Hyland plays her sister, Haley, while Nolan Gould plays her younger brother, Luke. And then there are the other cast members—Ed O’Neill, Sofia Vergara, Eric Stonestreet, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Rico Rodriguez—who play Alex’s immediate and equally as dysfunctional family.

From the sound of Winter’s StyleCaster shoot, the cast of Modern Family is just as hilarious as their characters. Which Modern Family cast member would be the Kim Kardashian in a family reality TV show? Which would get the most drunk at a wedding? Well, we asked Winter those questions and more.

Watch Ariel Winter play Modern Family superlatives in the video above.

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