The Exact Workout Move Ariel Winter Uses to Sculpt Her Butt

The Exact Workout Move Ariel Winter Uses to Sculpt Her Butt
Photo: Getty Images

Ariel Winter knows what the people want, and that’s a good-ass workout—literally. The 19-year-old actress, who’s constantly at war with the Internet over her gratuitous butt selfies, recently revealed the key workout move she does to get her perky, round booty. And, like the professional journalists we are, we took notes.

On Monday, the “Modern Family” actress posted an Instagram video of her working out her bottom with Los Angeles-based personal trainer, Mack Fit. “Working the 🍑 with @mackfit😈,” Winter captioned the video.

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But Winter wasn’t sculpting her ass by doing regular old squats. Instead, the actress was on all fours in a plank position with her forearms in front of her and her legs on two sliding disks. Here comes the hard part: To get her glutes burning like crazy, Winter, still in a plank, moves her legs in and out in a V motion, strengthening not only her ass, but also her abs and core. Ouch!

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From the looks of the video, Winter appears to be hanging in there, judging from her steady-AF ponytail as she tightens her gluteus maximus. We, on the other hand, are getting secondhand butt ache just by looking at her.