Don’t Talk To Me Unless It’s About Ariana Grande’s Wedding Dress

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Don’t Talk To Me Unless It’s About Ariana Grande’s Wedding Dress
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Do me a favor? Don’t speak to me unless it’s about Ariana Grande’s wedding dress, because I can confirm it’s the only topic I have time for today. Ever since Grande’s marriage to Dalton Gomez was made official, I’ve been patiently waiting to see what my queen wore on her big day—and, to be honest, I was also waiting to see if she wore a ponytail underneath her veil. It’s just such an Ari thing to do, don’t you think?? Finally, with the release of some new photos on her Instagram, all of my questions have been answered.

On May 15, 2021, Grande became Mrs. Gomez. (To be clear, we are not calling her that, even if she wants us to. Selena stans will go wild!) In what I assume was an attempt to enjoy her big day away from the public eye, the songstress neglected to share her bridal look with her fans—but she couldn’t keep them in the dark for long. A few fresh posts on her Instagram page reveal the most beautiful, intimate ceremony. And of course, a total dream dress!

Grande looked like a total knockout in a a strapless silk charmeuse gown that was figure-hugging yet ethereal. The minimalist front featured a sweetheart neckline and the back gave just the right amount of drama with what I’m trademarking as a booty cowl neck. Picture a cowl neckline, but for your bum. Ari did it, so it’s totally a thing now!

It can be common for brides to completely transform on their wedding day and look totally different, so I’m glad Ari stayed true to herself on her big day and served not only an incredible look, but one that stayed true to her personal style. That said, I’m going to need to know who did her makeup, because her MUA definitely stepped their game up. Her skin was flawless, her wing was sharp, her lips were perfectly pouty and the whole damn look seems airbrushed.

Dare I say I love Grande’s veil even more than her stunning dress? It just feels so Ariana. Completely the opposite of Hailey Bieber’s massive cathedral-length veil, Grande opted for a mini-veil, which stopped just above her booty cowl neck (it’s a thing, accept it).

The best part? The veil featured a satin bow on top and Ari wore her hair in a half-up pony underneath. Here’s hoping this marriage lasts as long as the singer’s commitment to a good ponytail!

Shout out to Vera Wang for creating the most dreamy wedding-day look for Grande, and to Stefan Kohli for capturing her big day so beautifully. It’s safe to say that these photos will soon be pinned the Pinterest boards of every bride-to-be and girlfriend impatiently waiting for her boyfriend to get his shit together.

Seriously, though. Grande looks so happy in these photos, so even fans who were previously skeptical of her whirlwind romance with Gomez can certainly get on board after seeing her bridal glow. Our girl has been waiting on a man to match her energy for some time now; she deserves the most beautiful day!

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