Did Ariana Grande Just Wear the Most Ariana Grade Outfit of All Time?

Lindsey Lanquist
Did Ariana Grande Just Wear the Most Ariana Grade Outfit of All Time?
Photo: Rich Polk/Getty Images for iHeartMedia.

Ariana Grande, queen of lampshading, has reminded us time and time again that wearing sweatshirts as dresses is a viable sartorial choice. She’s been a strong proponent of the top-and-boots combo, and she’s offered us near-countless ways to style our longest shirts as bona fide dresses. On Thursday, Grande took this commitment to lampshading to a new level, pairing a knee-length pink fur coat with matching pink stilettos—and wearing what had to be the most Ariana Grande outfit of all time.

First, there’s the color: Ariana Grande wears pink clothes more than, like, any other celebrity on the planet. She wears baby pink bubble dresses to awards shows. And bubblegum pink feather tops in music videos. And millennial pink body paint in other music videos. Pink is, basically, Ariana Grande’s color—a fact that’s only further confirmed by how downright incredible she looks in Thursday’s ensemble.

Then, there’s the silhouette: As I’ve emphasized ad nauseam, Ariana Grande loves lampshading. She might not have pioneered the semi-iconic sweatshirt-and-boots ensemble, but she’s kept it going long past its prime. And she just reinvented the damn thing with this pink get-up. Whereas most lampshading looks are comprised of a longline top and super-tall boots, this one was comprised of a fucking fur coat and stilettos. She’s treating a jacket like a top—and strappy sandals like pants. I don’t know which is more daring, but I do know her white tights are doing a lot of work in the wardrobe-malfunction-prevention department.

And if these two facets weren’t enough to cement this outfit’s place in Ariana Grande’s sartorial history, consider the caption: “thank u for seven weeks at number 1 🐙 what a beautiful start to this year #thankunext #ipickedupshitafterthis.” Nothing encapsulates Grande’s complicated-yet-triumphantly-historic year quite like the juxtaposition inherent to her picking up shit in a glam AF outfit—while celebrating her single’s seventh consecutive week topping the charts.

The most Ariana Grande caption of all time, on the most Ariana Grande Instagram of all time, capturing the most Ariana Grande outfit of all time. I rest my case.