Ariana Grande Had ‘Midnight Mental Breakdowns’ During Her World Tour & We’re Concerned

Ariana Grande
Photo: Shutterstock.

Worldwide music success doesn’t come without its struggles, and Ariana Grande’s mental breakdowns during her Sweetener Tour are a prime example of this. We all know that the 26-year-old “thank u, next” songstress has had a crazy impressive 2019—but what about everything she had to overcome the year prior? How soon we forget that Ariana’s still dealing with a painful personal journey. It’s no wonder that she decided to reveal her latest mental health experience today on Instagram. With growth, comes even more transparency.

Ariana just wrapped her “Sweetener World Tour” yesterday, Dec. 22, clearly bringing up fresh emotions for the star. The tour, which included 100 stops around the globe, was certainly no small feat. Especially when we think about the whirlwind year that Ariana came off of when she first embarked on this tour. In 2018, her ex-boyfriend and respected rapper, Mac Miller, died at the age of 26 from an accidental drug overdose. And soon after that, Ariana called off her engagement to Pete Davidson—who she’d dated for less than a month before saying “yes” to the prospect of marriage. (For his part, Pete seems to be doing just fine. He’s dating Kate Beckinsale—Sorry, I mean making out with Kaia Gerber. It’s hard to keep up these days!)

Add of all these changes to the fact that Ariana’s already admitted to suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder after the tragic bombing massacre at her Manchester concert in 2017, and we’re surprised the star is still standing. It’s a testament to her continued strength and resolve—traits that her manager, Scooter Braun, doesn’t take lightly.

Scooter took to Instagram himself to congratulate Ariana’s run during the Sweetener Tour, complimenting her “strength” amid “all the pain and the struggle” she endured. In a caption of a video featuring him and Ariana hugging, Scooter wrote:

You did it. I know all the hard nights. I know all the pain and the struggle. I remember all our talks and I also know it was Your decision and Your strength that got you through it. You are exactly who you claim to be. You not only did it… you found your joy again with the fans night after night. You found your joy in your family and friends. You found your joy in your music. And in turn you brought us all.. millions of us.. joy. Proud is not the word for what I feel. This is more than that. You are amazing @arianagrande . This album and this tour is a triumph of what we are all capable of. Thank u u for being u. You know everything else 😁 p.s – now I’m going to listen to the live album (you’re a genius for that idea too ari!)

In true fashion, Ariana commented on the post with honesty. “Wait this video. i’m crying. i can’t really put into words how i feel yet. but thank you for all that you and @allisonjamiekaye have done/dealt with to help me make it to the finish line,” she wrote. “as a manager and friend i appreciate you so very much.”

“Thanks for being there for all the ups and downs, triumphs and midnight mental breakdowns lol,” she added, revealing that her struggles still followed her throughout the tour. Yet she made it through. And taking a nod from stars like Selena Gomez opening up about her mental health struggles—she knows the only way forward is if we continue having these conversations.