We’re Convinced This Ariana Grande Look-Alike Is Her Twin

Ariana Grande.
Photo: Getty Images.

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Talk about a double take! This Ariana Grande look-alike has photos that have us questioning our eyesight. Los-Angeles-based fashion influencer Jami Alix Singer looks almost identical to the 25-year-old pop star, and fans are freaking out.

The chart-topper and recent Grammy winner has yet to comment on the similarities between her and this young Insta-famous lady, but we’re here to say it’d be hard to ignore the facts: They have very similar features. Both women are tanned, with naturally dark hair and lots of highlights. The two ladies love to wear their long hair up or in curls. They even have similar facial expressions. And fans have been quick to comment on their twin-like features.

Alix has received a lot of comments on her Instagram from followers and fans who think she has, “Ariana vibes.” She also seems pretty proud and excited to be associated a Grande. “I first heard the comparison in high school actually! A few people would tell me I looked like ‘that girl from Victorious’,” she told Seventeen. “People told me in college that my nickname was ‘Ariana Grande girl’ but yes, I hear that almost every day.”

Following Seventeen’s interview with her, Alix shared an Instagram post with a photo saying, “bright sunshineyyyy day because @flannelqueen just landed in la AND @seventeen just posted an interview about me and @arianagrande lolol 🙈”

Our favorite loo- alike aspect? Alix seems to have perfected Ari’s pout. It’s almost like a pucker, and it sort of looks like Grande’s eyebrows are apologizing for something while the rest of her face is happy being adorably cute.

Here’s a photo of Ariana Grande with Broadway legend Idina Menzel from October, 2018. Grande wrote, “if y’all told me ab any of this fifteen years ago ……………………… bye. 🖤.” We’re guessing Alix feels similarly.

Can you tell the difference between the two?

How picture-perfect is this pout?

These two could seriously do so many remakes.

We’re envisioning a new Parent Trap.

parent trap lindsey lohan 1 Were Convinced This Ariana Grande Look Alike Is Her Twin

The Parent Trap.

Or the OG Parent Trap (who remembers this?):

parent trap og Were Convinced This Ariana Grande Look Alike Is Her Twin

The Parent Trap.

We’re pretty sure Ari could put a killer pop twist on these lyrics: “Let’s get together yeah yeah yeah! Why don’t you and I combine?”

OR—A revamp of ABC’s Sister, Sister. Ari & Jami: the new Tia and Tamara.

tia tamera Were Convinced This Ariana Grande Look Alike Is Her Twin

Or perhaps an older version of those twins from The Shining:

the shining twins Were Convinced This Ariana Grande Look Alike Is Her Twin

Warner Bros/Hawk Films/Kobal/REX/Shutterstock.

Lots of possibilities. The balls in your court, Ari. Ready to get back to acting? Your stunt double/stand-in is waiting in the wings.

On February 14, 2018 Grande posted a selfie, celebrating on herself:

Alix even wished herself a similar Happy Valentine’s Day writing, “and happy valentine’s day to myself. i love you, and i know sometimes you struggle with thinking you’re enough or lovable or generally just getting in your head, but your dedication to overcoming that makes me so proud to be jami.”

Guess both women know all about self-love!