Is Ariana Grande Brittany Murphy’s Look-Alike? These Photos Might Convince You

Ariana Grande
Photo: Jim Spellman/WireImage.

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Brittany Murphy starred in dozens of memorable movies in her lifetime, from Girl, Interrupted to Material Girls. But one of her most iconic was as Tai Fraiser, the curly-haired fish out of water, in 1995’s Clueless. And with a revival of Clueless coming, fans are wondering who will fill Murphy’s shoes. Could it be her look-alike, Ariana Grande?

Hear us out: Murphy and Grande might not seem like look-alikes, but when we look a pictures of both of them with curly hair (both stars have naturally curly brown locks), they look more similar than we think. In fact, many Twitter users are calling them long lost twins. As first reported by Revelist, several Twitter users have noticed Grande’s resemblance to Murphy over the years after rewatching Clueless and comparing their looks.

Along with their similar hair, both stars have big brown eyes, dimpled faces and toothy smiles that make them look like twins. The resemblance is even more apparent in younger pictures of both. “So i was watching clueless and i noticed @ArianaGrande looks like brittany murphy 😲,” one user tweeted. Another tweeted, “The resemblance between @ArianaGrande and young Brittany Murphy blows my mind.”

Grande isn’t the only celebrity who has been compared to Murphy. In May, internet users also pointed out that Riverdale‘s Lili Reinhart looks a lot like the late ’90s star in her 20s. If we need someone to play Murphy in both her teens and 20s, we now know who to call. What do you think about the comparison? As if or spot-on?