Are You A ‘Drunkorexic’?

Jessica Hoppe

Battling the infamous “freshman fifteen” has reached such extremes that college girls are now pinching pennies and skipping meals (but loading up on alcohol instead).

This alarming new trendamong female college students combinesthe worst aspects of binge drinking and eating disorders.Yahoo News describes”Drunkorexia” as acondition in which college students skip meals to control their weight, thus saving both money (and calories) they can then use to drink. And a new study from theUniversity of Missourifound that its prevalence is growing with 16 percent of college students engaging in this practice.

Here’s the misguided thought process: The less you eat the faster you become intoxicated thus the less alcohol you need to buy. Not to mention the likelihood of vomiting from excessive consumption is high — so you’re getting a double eating disorder bonus.

Victoria Osborne, assistant professor of social work and public health at the University of Missouri, warns the toxic combination of low nutrition and high alcohol levels, “…can cause short and long-term cognitive problems including difficulty concentrating, studying and making decisions.”

However, alcohol is extremely high in calories. One “Jaeger bomb” contains as much as 213 calories per shot! Normally beginners will order sweet drinks, which masks the taste of liquor such as an amaretto sour (my drink in college) which packs 170 calories per glass. I would normally ingest 4 per night, which equals 680 calories.

If I only knew then what I know now.

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