Are You Dressing Wrong for the Season?


Change is hard…David Bowie knows it, She and Him know it, I certainly know it. That’s why transitioning between seasons is especially hard for your wardrobe, especially when it means repacking some of your favorite cotton summer dresses and pulling out wool gloves. Sometimes it’s just too hard to let things go…like Alex Wang or men. Here are five items you can keep for the upcoming chilly months…and what you need to just say ‘peace’ to.



Generally, sunglasses are known as a summer accessory, but in winter they’re actually functional. When you wear sunglasses in cold weather, it shields your eyeballs from the wind, causing them not to water. This actually keeps you warmer…so you don’t have to pack your Pradas quite yet.


Sheer Tanks

Everyone rocked the sheer one-pocket tanks this summer, to the point where we said “enough! We’re aware that you have nipples!” This fall, you can keep them in your wardrobe, but only if worn under a cute boyfriend blazer or long cardigan. If the exhibitionist in you can’t go away, it’s time to retire the sheer tanks.



We’re aware of the whole “you can’t wear white after Labor Day” thing, but it’s sort of true. Maybe this is because we’re in New York, but there’s just something that makes us want to say welcome back to black by getting rid of everything white we own. Maybe if layered under something black…we would accept it.


Open-toe Shoes

If we learned anything from the Fall Collections, it’s that you can keep your open-toed shoes for autumn. It’s just time to switch out bare legs for a nice double-knit tight or cute slouchy socks. Disclaimer: we are not responsible for anything that happens to you should you attempt this with gladiators.


Summer Scarves

For those of you who were all about the “summer scarf,” (a light-knit, cotton, or jersey paired with tanks and cut-offs) time to retire. This transition is the easiest guys, you can do it. If you can’t handle the thought of leaving your neck bare, buy a thick, yummy knit or cashmere scarf. These are helpful for when you’re freezing on the subway, too; makeshift Snuggie.