Are We Being Forced To Forgive John Galliano?

Jessica Rubin

No one wants his job, so must we accept him with open arms? John Galliano ostracized himself from the fashion world (and society in general) after going on the infamous anti-Semitic rampage heard ’round the world. Things got ugly and Galliano was fired from his posts at Dior and, ironically, his own label.

But now Dior is desperate, talks with Marc Jacobs about his anticipated move to Dior have stopped, and Galliano is being increasingly thought of as the only solution.

Gawker quotes Manolo Blahnik as saying, “What he said was horrific, but said under the influence of drugs and alcohol – that is no reason to destroy talent.” While we might not agree with Blahnik, there’s no question that Dior needs help and Galliano might just be the only flamboyant, offensive man for the job.

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Image courtesy ofMCMULLAN CO/SIPA.