Are Nicole Scherzinger & Kim Kardashian The Same Person?

Spencer Cain
Are Nicole Scherzinger & Kim Kardashian The Same Person?
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Upon first glance at London Fog’s spring 2012 marketing campaign featuring none other than former Pussycat Dolls chanteuse and just-ousted judge on X Factor Nicole Scherzinger, we thought it was the one and only Kim Kardashian endorsing yet another product.

Well, it turns out that it’s not her — but I couldn’t resist sharing this comparison. Sure, Nicole may be a little less, er, endowed than Kimmy, but they share similar striking facial features. Kim has also performed with the Pussycat Dolls (right after getting laser eye surgery, does no one else remember that episode?), and they both have a penchant for dating professional athletes.

They also both love thigh high boots, leather leggings, hair extensions, blow outs, and crying dramatically whenever they have the opportunity (see: Nicole’s time on X Factor/Kim’s entire life). Alright, so maybe this doesn’t make them twins, but now I’m obsessed with this idea.

Take a look at the gallery above and admire the striking resemblance.