Are Creepy “Giant Faces” The Next Big Thing In Fashion?

Are Creepy “Giant Faces” The Next Big Thing In Fashion?
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Just when I had gotten used to seeing giant animal mugs printed on anything and everything (and even contemplated dropping some serious cash on a knock-off of the Givenchy panther tops or Balenciaga German Shepherd sweaters), fashion seems to be moving swiftly in a different, human direction.

The cover of Vogue Japan’s epic September issue has hit the Web, and it features the faces of two fashion powerhouses looking right back at us: Karolina Kurkova and a very young Giorgio Armani. Kinda strange, right? But this is something we’ve seen before — and very recently.

A couple of weeks ago, an extremely creepy dress printed with Steve Buscemi’s face made the rounds on the fashion blogs, making us question who would ever choose to wear such a thing. Evidently though, huge faces on clothing have become kind of a trend that we might not be able to avoid much longer — and these aren’t your classic graphic tees, people.

When done correctly ( la Lanvin) or as a caricature, the style can be cute and even a little endearing. However, seeing a pair of giant eyes or a gigantic likeness of a celebrity staring right through you could be unnerving, don’t you think? Would you wear something printed with a giant face or are you going to stick with cuddly animals like cats on your clothing?

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Karolina Kurkova wears a dress printed with Mr. Armani's likeness for the September issue of Vogue Japan, shot by Inez & Vinoodh.

The infamous (and super weird) Steve Buscemi dress that circulated the Internet a couple of weeks back, which has since been removed from the e-commerce site Black Milk Clothing

A hat by Parisian design duo Yazbukey, as seen on the street style icon Michelle Harper during Fashion Week.

A necklace by Yazbukey bearing a portrait of the legendary Jackie O.

A classic tee by Lanvin. I will admit that I find this one to be "cute" rather than "creepy," but it's still a lot.

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