We Have the Tea on if the Leads of ‘Outer Banks’ Are Dating IRL

Outer Banks
Photo: Netflix.

Those who have seen Outer Banks on Netflix know that John B. and Sarah Cameron’s chemistry is off the charts. So, naturally, we want to know if Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline are dating from Outer Banks on Netflix or if their performance as teen lovers torn apart by class and a North Carolina thunderstorm is that good.

But before we discuss the IRL love lives of Sarah Cameron and John B., let’s recap what happened in Outer Banks season 1. (Spoilers ahead.) Outer Banks follows John B. and his friends in the Outer Banks of North Carolina on their mission to solve the mystery around John B.’s father, who went missing at sea a year before the events of the show. Along the way, they discover that John B.’s father is tied to a $400 million treasure. Also along the way, John B. also falls in love with Sarah Cameron, the daughter of a wealthy family who couldn’t be more different than him. Sarah is a Kook, a.k.a. the wealthy side of town, whereas John B. is a Pogue, who the Kooks would never associate with.

John B. and Sarah become close when John B. asks for Sarah’s help to find a map tied to the treasure. As a member of the most well-connected families in town, Sarah helps him. The two spend the day together, and when they have to leave each other, they kiss in a massive rain storm. Sarah then breaks up with her boyfriend, Topper, to be with John B., but when her father (a.k.a. the bad guy of the show who wants the treasure to himself) frames John B. for the murder of the local sheriff, John B. and Sarah must flee the Outer Banks. In the final moments of the season, the two find themselves stranded at sea after a thunder storm. They’re then picked up by a boat that’s headed to the Bahamas, where Sarah’s father took the treasure.

It’s clear from the first moment Sarah and John B. laid eyes on each other that they have love for each other. But what about the actors who play them? Since the premiere of the show, fans have wondered if Stokes and Cline are in a relationship, as it seems like they’re quarantining together. (The two are often interviewed together over webcam, which has led some fans to raise their eyebrows.) Well, Cline and Stokes’ quarantine life isn’t really a clue that they’re dating. The Outer Banks cast, which also includes Rudy Pankow, Jonathan Daviss and Madison Bailey, have been quarantining together for some time, as they build forts and reap the rewards of a hit TV show.

So sorry, Outer Banks, it doesn’t seem like Stokes and Cline’s quarantine life is proof that they’re dating. And from the looks of their Instagrams, the two just seem like good friends. Until they confirm their relationship, we’re going to say that Stokes and Cline are costars and nothing more. That said, they are very talented at making us feel the feels as star-crossed love interests on Outer Banks.

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