Are Alexa Chung and Alexander Skarsgard Dating?!

alexa chung alexander skarsgard dating

Photos: WENN

Another day, another celebrity rumor—although we’re kind of digging this one. It seems everyone’s favorite It-girl Alexa Chung might be dating “True Blood” beefcake Alexander Skarsgard. Or, at the very least, hung out with him in New York for some avocado toast (natch) and some lower-back-rubbing.

New York-based comedian Hayley Sacks spotted the two tall drinks of water getting cozy at the city’s Bluebird Coffee shop earlier this week, and immediately posted a picture to Instagram, accompanied by a very detailed, very excited caption.

“I try not to post blurry pictures on Instagram BUT I am in the middle of breaking an important celebrity news story and so rules don’t really apply. That is Alexa Chung! I just saw her with Alexander Skarsgard from True Blood. They were eating avocado toast and rubbing each other’s lower backs. No one knows they are dating yet except ME and now you. I just feel like I have to tell you bc Brian Williams never will. Okay signing off now. Go tell ten people or you’ll have bad luck forever.”

Haley also posted a series of tweets—clearly, she really, really believes Alexa and Alex (cute!) are an item.

In case you’re not sold, Grazia also reported that these two were at a concert together in New York on Monday,  where a source said they appeared to be in “deep conversation” and Chung was “super animated and into him.”

Whether it’s true or not, it’s a fact that Skarsgard, 38, digs fashion girls—he dated Kate Bosworth, and was rumored to be hooking up with Margot Robbie at Sundance this year.

Do you think Alexa and Alexander make a cute couple? Weigh in below!