Arctic Monkeys Prep New Album


I think the Arctic Monkeys are trying to one up Bon Iver for, “Most Inconveniently Located Studio to Record In.” The Arctic Monkeys are currently in the Mojave Desert working with producers James Ford and Josh Homme, lead singer of Queens of the Stone Age. Ummm… If I wanted to be aggravated by my journey to record a record, I would just do it in Queens while still living in Brooklyn; I swear, Satan invented that commute.

The Arctic Monkeys have not announced a title for the album but the track list is out now (see below) and the LP is scheduled for a US release August 25th.

My Propeller
Crying Lightning
Dangerous Animals
Secret Door
Potion Approaching
Fire and the Thud
Dance Little Liar
Pretty Visitors
The Jeweller’s Hands

The untitled Arctic Monkeys album will be out on Domino.