Aquarius, Your September Horoscope Says Adieu To Toxicity

Roya Backlund
Aquarius, Your September Horoscope Says Adieu To Toxicity
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Take a deep breathe, Aquarius, because September is going to be a highly introspective and spiritually intense month. Your Aquarius horoscope for September 2020 begins with your sun in the eighth house of death and rebirth, making this a month marked by transformation. In order to spread your wings and grow, some things must be sacrificed. In order for something to begin, something else must come to an end!

When the new moon in Virgo takes place on September 17, you may find yourself taking major step towards transformation. Whether you’re saying goodbye to a negative relationship or breaking a toxic cycle, none of it is easy, but it’s definitely necessary. You’re so strong, Aquarius, so don’t doubt yourself for a second!

However, before we get to the new moon, you’ve got a full moon to deal with, first. Radiating power throughout your second house of possessions and values on September 2, the month begins with revelations about your financial state. Are you spending $$$ when you know you should be saving? Are you afraid to spend, even though you deserve to treat yourself? Think about it, Aquarius! It’s your coin, after all.

Fear is out of the question, especially when messenger Mercury enters your ninth house of philosophy and expansion on September 5! This will make you feel hungry for culture, knowledge and wisdom, and you’ll make memories to last a lifetime. Get out of your comfort zone and experience something new! The world has so much to offer. And when Venus—planet of love—enters your seventh house of partnerships on Sept. 6, you won’t want to go on these adventures alone; you’ll want someone to accompany you every step of the journey! Whether you’re taking the next step with your lover or a friend, t’s time to commit to deeper relationships, Aquarius.

You’ll want to be extra-careful when choosing your words this month, particularly when aggressive Mars retrogrades in your third house of communication on September 9. In a heightened emotional state, you might have the instinct to say something you’ll regret later! Think critically when communicating, because you don’t want to be misunderstood.

Regardless of what else happens, you’ll spend the month packing your bags and getting ready to take on the world. Libra season is an adventure in the making, and when it begins on September 22, there’s no telling where you’ll end up!


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