Aquarius, Your October Horoscope Is All About Seeking New Adventures

Roya Backlund
Aquarius, Your October Horoscope Is All About Seeking New Adventures
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This month, you’re spreading your wings, Aquarius! Your Aquarius October 2021 horoscope predicts that you’ll be going on tons of wild adventures. In fact, on October 6, a new moon will rise in your ninth house of spontaneity and freedom, inspiring you to break free from the monotony and shake things up. You’re feeling more open-minded this month, so create memories and try seeing things from a new perspective!

By the time Venus enters your social 11th house on October 7, you’ll discover your ability to be the life of the party as your popularity skyrockets. You may find yourself becoming even closer to your friends, which could turn a platonic relationship into a romantic one! However, take care not to impose your beliefs on anyone you meet, because by October 9, you may feel too passionate about convincing someone of something. As Mercury and Mars joins forces, you may be more pushy than usual, so remember to practice patience and nuance!

Either way, you’re setting sail for something beautiful by October 15, when the sun forms a trine with Jupiter. Creating new experiences and taking advantage of unexpected opportunities will lead to so much personal growth! And once Mercury retrograde comes to an end on October 18, you may begin to embrace a deeper sense of direction. Instead of feeling lost, you’ll begin to know exactly where you’re going.

A trailblazing conversation may take place on October 20. The full moon will send electricity to your third house of communication, encouraging you to speak your mind and listen in return. You might even learn something incredible; something that totally connects the dots!

Once Scorpio season begins on October 23, you will begin to take the experiences you’ve accumulated and turn them into something serious. The sun will shift into your ambitious 10th house, helping you tap into your potential and set your sights on the career you’ve always wanted.

However, in order to manifest your goals, you need to be willing to take constructive criticism. And come October 30, the sun will square off with Saturn, giving you a few hard-to-swallow pills. You can get through it, Aqua!

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