Aquarius, Your June Horoscope Wants You To Take Some Time Off

Roya Backlund
Aquarius, Your June Horoscope Wants You To Take Some Time Off
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You’ve been dealing with dilemma after dilemma on the home front, Aquarius. Luckily, your Aquarius June 2022 horoscope begins with some *extremely* good news—on June 3, Mercury retrograde will finally reach the end of its journey, stationing direct in your private and personal fourth house. You may regain to feel a warmer welcome behind closed doors and a desire to take some well-deserved PTO (or at least a few mental health health days).

However, on June 11, you may be left with one final surprise as Venus joins forces with Uranus in your fourth house of home and family, revealing a shift that challenges your comfort zone. Luckily, change is a *good* thing. Chances are, if you’re not being respected, you may feel motivated to establish more independence and self-sufficiency! And when Mercury enters your creative fifth house on June 13, you’ll be in a *much* better place, both mentally and emotionally. In fact, you might even feel your artistic senses tingling!

Your social life will begin to pick up speed, reaching a peak on June 14. This is when the full moon in Sagittarius will lead to powerful networking opportunities. However, it could also shine a brighter light on the circles you run in, prompting you to reexamine the way you mingle and network.

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Summer is when school gets out, which is ironic, considering that work will begin picking up speed once it begins on June 21. As Cancer season puts your sixth house of work and health on notice, it’s urging you to make a more efficient use or your time and to organize your priorities accordingly. Remember—energy is like currency, so spend it wisely! However, just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you don’t have time for love. In fact, as Venus sashays into your romantic fifth house on June 22, you may find yourself crushing on something (or someone) harder than ever *wink* *wink*.

The harder you work, the better your ideas become! By the time the Cancer sun squares off with Jupiter in your intellectual third house on June 28, you may find that you’re starting so many conversations, you’re having difficulty keeping up with the many replies. Now’s not the time to limit yourself, but to analyze and explore! And as a new moon in Cancer highlights your proactive sixth house as the month comes to an end, you may find yourself solidifying your routine and turning over a new leaf.

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