Aquarius, Your July Horoscope Predicts A Change Of Heart, So Follow Your Intuition

Aquarius, Your July Horoscope Predicts A Change Of Heart, So Follow Your Intuition
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Before you get your hopes up, let’s get the bad news out of the way—your Aquarius July 2022 horoscope will be extremely unstable and frustrating. There, I said it. Now we can move on! Rather than run away and hide from your problems, as you know you do when things get tough, you should reach out to your local community and friends for support. If you’re feeling like you have too much on your plate, remember that you don’t have to go about this alone. Don’t talk yourself out of asking for a helping hand, because truth be told—people *want* to help you!

This month is about finding balance between your personal life and your professional responsibilities. The caveat here? You may not necessarily be ready to commit to one way of thinking over the other. As someone who often feels as though they can bite more than they can chew, keep in mind that tensions at work and at home will start brewing once Mars enters Taurus on July 5. You may find that the reason you’re having trouble focusing on your work and emotionally connecting with your surroundings is because your goals have shifted! 

When a full moon in Capricorn rises in your 12th house of spirituality on July 13, it will be an opportunity to hit the reset button. Start with a fresh slate and allow the process of healing to commence. Remember, healing is not about becoming “better”, but about accepting yourself for who you are, flaws and all.

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If you’ve been having some bad luck in the love department, the tides will begin to turn during the new moon in Leo on July 28. This lunation brimming with fire and potential, sharing a supportive aspect to auspicious Jupiter. And although larger-than-life Jupiter will be retreating through a retrograde, that won’t dull any of the positive energy. In fact, it has the power to bring your confidence to a deeper, more internal level.

Use this cosmic climate as an opportunity to set intentions around your love life, and be sure to communicate to the universe what you could use help with. You may find that this new moon brings even more support to your relationships, as it illuminates the sector of your chart that rules romantic partnerships. You never know who will come your way in the upcoming weeks, which is why it’s best to keep your options open and expectations low. Don’t count your chickens (so to speak) before they hatch. 

You are beginning to change how you pursue your objectives, a sentiment that will ring true on July 31, when Uranus and the North Node of Destiny zone together. Finding a creative outlet will uplift your desires, because this major, life-altering shift will strike your fourth house of home and family. This could lead to an emotional whirlwind, so remember to find beauty along the way!

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