Aquarius, Your January Horoscope is All About Keeping Secrets

Roya Backlund
Aquarius, Your January Horoscope is All About Keeping Secrets
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You’re embracing your dreamworld this month, so it’s no surprise that your Aquarius January 2022 horoscope begins with an opportunity to connect with yourself on a deeper level and identify what needs healing. On January 2, a new moon will rise in your spiritual 12th house, bringing your inner self to the surface and helping you release your emotions!

However, with Venus retrograding through your dreamy 12th house until January 29, you may have a difficult time understanding how you truly feel about your relationships. Hidden truths may arise and secrets may reveal themselves. If you’re ready to be raw and vulnerable with someone, make sure you trust them first!

By January 14, you may begin an even more pressing form of soul-searching. Mercury will station retrograde in Aquarius, bringing up your sense of self and encouraging you to mull over your past. But that’s not who you are anymore—it’s only a part of your story! As Mercury re-enters your introspective 12th house on January 25, it will guide you toward forgiveness. Remember, forgiveness is not about just letting go, but releasing the burden of what bothers you.

You’ll have a powerful opportunity to check in with yourself on January 17. A full moon will rise in your sixth house of health, work and routine, revealing where you’ve been neglecting your body and wellbeing. Start getting your house in order and nurturing yourself. Every small success is an improvement, Aqua!

The moment you’ve been waiting for arrives on January 19: Aquarius season begins, solidifying your perception of who you are and your strengths. And when you learn to accept your flaws as well as your talents, you’re one step closer to self-actualization! But when Mars enters your 12th house of unseen forces on January 24, you may feel like building your self-esteem needs to happen behind closed doors, where you can be honest with yourself.

By January 28, you may have a revelation that leaves you feeling shook.This is when Mercury retrograde will join forces with Pluto, deepening your reflection, but also, emphasizing your secret world. There are the secrets you keep from others and the secrets you keep from yourself—and it may finally be time to face the truth you’re trying to forget. Secrets are a heavy thing to carry, after all.

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