Aquarius, Your February Horoscope Is All About Embracing Your True Self

Roya Backlund
Aquarius, Your February Horoscope Is All About Embracing Your True Self
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This Aquarius season feels different than the rest, doesn’t it? You’re stepping up to the plate, embracing change and asking yourself who you really are. That said, Mercury will spend the first few weeks of February retrograding through Aquarius, which may lead to a temporary identity crisis. Don’t freak out if you don’t understand yourself at the moment, because your Aquarius February 2021 horoscope is all about self-discovery!

Luckily, Venus dances into your first house of the self on February 1, giving you a serious confidence boost! You’ll likely feel more open to self-love and ready to embrace what makes you so lovable and attractive to others. And when the new moon dawns in your ego-centric and independent first house on February 11, it will be a chance to truly get to know yourself. Let go of that version of yourself that you’ve long outgrown and take a step towards the “you” that you’re becoming.

In the process, the past may try to slow you down, especially around February 17. When Saturn squares Uranus, it may feel as though your family’s expectations of you and the patterns you inherited from where you come from are at odds with your responsibilities to yourself. Remember—embracing your own growth does not have to mean disregarding your roots, but it does mean refusing to let them dictate your future.

You’ll feel the energy begin to stabilize by the time Pisces season begins on February 18. Activating your second house of values and self-worth, this next season is less about discovering who you are and more about digging your heels in and accepting that person. By the time Mercury retrograde comes to an end on February 20, your perception of yourself will be clearer than ever, allowing you to step into your true identity. And when Venus moves into your luxurious second house, it will be time to treat yourself to something special with your hard-earned money, because goodness knows how intense this month has been after all that soul-searching!

Fortunately, it’s all leading up to a potentially euphoric moment. On February 26, Jupiter will trine the North Node in your artistic fifth house, tapping into your imagination and creativity while giving you the freedom to express yourself. And when the full moon rushes through your transformative eighth house on February 27, you’ll end the month with an even deeper understanding of your resilience and strength.

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