Aquarius, Your December Horoscope Wants You To Embrace Inner Healing

Roya Backlund
Aquarius, Your December Horoscope Wants You To Embrace Inner Healing
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This month, you’re feeling change ripple throughout your social circle. Luckily, your Aquarius December 2021 horoscope has the 411 on the solar eclipse that’s going to reveal so much about the people you associate with. Taking place on December 4, this solar eclipse is blasting through your 11th house of community, giving you a deeper understanding of how you influence others and how others influence you.

When Mars enters your extroverted 11th house on December 13, you may feel inspired to attend more social events and invest your time into group efforts. If you team up with like-minded individuals this month, there’s no telling what you can accomplish together! However, even the strongest teams experience conflict, so just be aware of the way you face it when it arises.

When a full moon sparkles in your passionate fifth house on December 18, it may put a stronger focus on your own personal artistic projects. If your commitment to a group dynamic is holding you back from your own self-expression, you may need to find a better balance between the two.

Once Venus stations retrograde on December 19, you might even feel like prioritizing solitude. Venus will retrograde throughout your dreamy and spiritual 12th house, which could make your love life feel stagnant and uncertain. Over the course of this retrograde, you may have trouble identifying what you want from your relationships. You may even feel the heavy weight of past relationships and the wounds they left open and raw. Use this retrograde to embrace healing and forgiveness, because that’s all the closure you need!

By December 24, you might feel the mounting pressure to make a change. As Saturn squares off with Uranus, it could feel like many of the comforts you used to rely on simply aren’t making you feel safe anymore. Even though you may be resistant to change, you’re outgrowing certain things, and staying the same will start to feel more frustrating than embracing something new. Fear not, because you’re ready to step into your power!

Sometimes, change can even be exciting—and once Jupiter blesses your second house of finances on December 28, it will invite lots of money and abundance into your life! Stay tuned for unexpected windfalls, because your bank account will love what 2022 has in store.

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