Aquarius, Your April Horoscope Is About Quality Time & Vulnerability

Roya Backlund
Aquarius, Your April Horoscope Is About Quality Time & Vulnerability
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Expect to feel especially intelligent and charismatic as the month begins, Aquarius! When Mercury enters your brainy and clever third house on April 3, you’ll find yourself connecting the dots, studying new topics and regaling everyone with your fascinating witticisms. Own it, Aqua! You may also feel butterflies in your stomach as Mars squares off with Neptune on April 9, which will leave you craving romance. But catching feelings for someone can be a vulnerable situation, leaving you anxious to see if your crush feels the same. Let your Aquarius April 2021 horoscope walk you through it!

When the new moon on April 11 rushes through your buzzing and brilliant third house, it may be time to think about how you communicate and what you’re communicating to others. Are you listening when others talk, or simply waiting your turn to speak? Are you speaking up when you have something important to say, or keeping quiet out of fear? Unfortunately, some of these communication-related anxieties may take on more significance by April 16, when the sun squares off with Pluto. Your inner voice may sound especially negative during this time, so combat it by repeating positive affirmations as often as you can.

Your personal life takes center stage once Taurus season begins. When Venus, Mercury and the sun have officially made their entrance into your fourth house of home and family on April 19, you may feel like taking a backseat and devoting time to nurturing the more sentimental aspects of your life. Don’t sacrifice quality time with your loved ones for anything! However, expect major surprises awaiting you when Venus and Uranus join forces in your fourth house of private matters on April 22. Change always feels uncomfortable at first, but eventually, it becomes the new normal.

You’ll have the stamina to get back on track come April 23, when Mars activates your productive sixth house and prompts you to pour energy into your routine and get shit done so you don’t have to worry about it later. It’s all preparing you for a major moment in your career on April 26, when the full moon blasts through your ambitious 10th house. It’s time to recognize what your real goals are—and to go for them with all the passion in the world.

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