Want: Aqua Cashmere Sweater


 Want: Aqua Cashmere Sweater

Classic collegiate attire is huge for fall. Whether it’s donning a full-skirt or personality glasses, be ready to get down with your studious side. We’re loving this cream sweater with brown elbow patches — perfect to pair with a brightly colored skirt, as shown above, or simply with jeans for that all-American look.

The contrast between the dark brown and the cream is enough to make this¬†embellishment¬†noticeable, but not too showy to take away from the overall flattering shape of the sweater. ¬†Best of all, the neutral tones ensure you can wear whatever added jewelry you like — from gold studded bangles to colorful statement necklaces!

Aqua Cashmere Sweater, $198, Bloomingdale’s