Gird Your Instagram: Apple is Releasing a Rose Gold Macbook

rose gold laptop


If you’re only just recovering from the arrival of your new pink rose gold iPhone, brace yourself, because Apple’s introducing a laptop in the same shade. Take a look, isn’t she beautiful?

rose gold apple laptop


Apple announced today that its MacBook is getting a big refresh that will include longer battery life (only by an hour, but still!), and faster processing time—the company says the updated model will be 20 percent more speedy than last year’s versions. But obviously, the biggest news to come from today’s announcement is that you will be now be able to match your laptop with Apple’s assortment of rose-gold iPhones, iPads and watches. Fashion bloggers, did you hear that? Oh, and classicists, the MacBook will also still be available in the far less Instagrammable shades of silver, gold, and grey.

Prices are staying the same and start at $1,299 for a 1.2 GHz processor—and no, the rose gold option isn’t more expensive. You can check out today or retail stores tomorrow to buy the new MacBook.