11 Game Apps You Can Download Now & Play With Your Friends

Maggie Griswold
11 Game Apps You Can Download Now & Play With Your Friends
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Nothing beats a good game night, but when you can’t whip out Monopoly or Clue and play IRL, it seems there are fewer options to unleash your competitive side with your pals. Dry your eyes and get rid of those game night blues, though, because there are actually so many app games to play with friends virtually—so you can continue your game night traditions, even if you and your friends are in separate places.

From classic board games you loved to play with loved ones as a kid to amped up trivia games that test your knowledge of the world and your friends, there’s no shortage of game apps you can download and play with your friends virtually. All you need is a phone and access to Internet, and you’re on your way to a night full of virtual gaming—and, hopefully, winning.

In most cases, these app games are totally free to play. And even if you do have to pay, the cost is never more than $4. Think of it this way: Board games you’d play with loved ones IRL cost upwards of $10. Pieces get lost, instructions get ripped and occasionally someone accidentally donates the game without your knowledge. With a game on your phone, though, you can play for years without ever losing a piece. Plus, you can still connect with your friends all around the world. Just because you can’t see someone in person doesn’t mean you can’t still stay close to them.

These game apps allow you to interact with pals in a new way, while playing some classic (and not-so-classic) games. Dibs on Miss Scarlet in Clue, though.


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1. Yahtzee With Buddies

Yahtzee with Buddies is the classic Hasbro game gone virtual. Now you can play the ultimate dice-rolling game on your phone and with your friends. Until you can meet up again IRL, this is a fun way to have a virtual game night. You can invite your friends to play by clicking the “Social” button and then entering their username or connecting to Facebook to invite them through there.

2. Scrabble Go

Show off your knowledge of the English language with the Scrabble Go phone app. Nothing quite beats the satisfaction of getting a triple point word, and now you can get that same feeling virtually. Add your friends through the app or through Facebook and challenge them to a game (or two, or three…).

3. UNO!

UNO! has always been an iconic card game, and now you can play it virtually with your loved ones. To invite your friends, make sure you click the “social” button on the app, and then the “invite friends” button. This will give you a link to send to your friends so they can sign on and play with you. Ultimately, it works just like it would IRL, only you play with virtual cards. Simple. As. That.

4. Mario Kart Tour

The Mario Kart Tour app allows you to race your friends at high speeds. It’s basically like playing video games IRL, except this time, you’re all on your phones. To get access to this feature, though, you’ll need to create a Nintendo account, play a few games by yourself and clear the first level. Then, the “Friends” icon will appear in the menu and you can challenge your pals by using their Player ID or Nintendo account.

5. QuizUp

Available for both iOS and Android, QuizUp isn’t just your ordinary trivia game. There are topics ranging from Disney trivia and The Simpsons trivia—and even Game of Thrones trivia. Text your pals and tell them to meet you on the app, and let the games begin. You can even turn this one into a virtual drinking game.

6. Chips & Guac On Houseparty

If you use Houseparty to video chat with your friends, you’re going to want to try out their game Chips & Guac. It’s similar to Apples to Apples, so if you love games where you choose the best card to match another one, you’ll love this game.

7. Monopoly

Although nothing will ever feel quite as good as flipping the Monopoly board when you realize you’re never going to win (Anyone else? Just me?), you can still embrace the game virtually through the Monopoly app. This game app costs $3.99, but after purchase, you and your friends can start snatching up those properties. Dibs on Park Place!

8. Clue

Now you can play your favorite board game from childhood virtually with all your friends. Whether you choose to play as Colonel Mustard or Miss Scarlet (Pro tip: She always gets to go first!), you’re sure to have hours of fun reliving your younger days. The app does cost $3.99, but that’s a small price to pay for endless hours of mystery fun, right?!

9. Psych!

Psych! is similar to a trivia game, but instead of using facts that are commonly known, you use facts specifically about your friends. With categories like “And the Truth Comes Out” and “Movie Bluff,” you can test one another’s knowledge of, well, each other. How well do you know your friends—and can you outsmart them on your own?

10. GamePigeon

The GamePigeon app lets you play different games online with your phone—so you don’t need a gaming device or even a computer. Available right now are 8-Ball (pool), Poker, Sea Battle (which is basically Battleship) and several more. These games are only two-player, though, so best if you just want to play with one other person!

11. Game Of Life

Since many of us aren’t really living our life outside right now, play a game of pretend with the Game of Life app. Like the board game, you’ll have the same objective to “win” life—only instead of IRL, it’s virtual. Kind of fitting, don’t you think? The app costs $2.99, but once you’re in, you can switch to multiplayer mode and play your friends all night long.


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