You’ll Want to be BFFs With the Hosts of Podcast ‘Another Round’

Cady Lang

Tuesdays have never been my favorite day of the work week. They’re not full of struggle like Mondays, but I hardly have the affection for them that I do for Thursdays or Fridays. But now, thanks to Buzzfeed’s “Another Round” podcast, I look forward to my Tuesday mornings because that’s when their new episodes drop.

Another Round Buzzfeed podcast

Image: Another Round

As someone who’s basically paid to spend all her waking hours on the internet, I’ve been following the hosts of the show, Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton, on Twitter for years because their tweets are as hilarious as they are insightful.

However, once I started listening to “Another Round,” after seeing tweets galore about it on my timeline this spring, I wanted to be best friends with these women. Their podcast covers topics from identity politics to pop culture, and everything in-between (including, but not limited to squirrels, Drake, babies, and very bad jokes.)

The name of the show, “Another Round,” comes from the fact that the hosts are drinking bourbon while they make the podcast, which only endears them more to me. Hilarious escapades often ensue (spoiler alert: there’s a section called “Drunken Debates” and it’s exactly what it sounds like, which is GLORIOUS) and the closing segment features the ladies buying “another round” for someone or something that has inspired them that week, whether it’s a toddler singing “No Flex Zone” or Kendrick Lamar‘s latest album.

The podcast usually features a guest, most of whom I’m obsessed with — Roxane Gay, Brandy, and Chris Hayes, to name a few, but the real draw are the hosts themselves, who are unapologetically opinionated and candid, especially when it comes to issues of race and gender. As a woman of color, I can’t express to you how encouraging it is to hear Nigatu and Clayton sound off on issues like microaggressions at work and respectability politics, while also engaging pop culture with as much candor and honesty.

This Tuesday, as you’re easing back into the work week, tune into “Another Round.” It’s thoughtful, it’s refreshing, and it’s also so much fun.


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