#SorryNotSorry: Here are the 13 Most Annoying Words and Phrases of 2013

Julie Gerstein
Photo: Getty

Photo: Getty

Another year, another bunch of words we never want to hear again. Like, ever. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of 13 words and phrases that have permeated our vernacular like a particularly aggressive ear worm throughout 2013. While some have been in the germination stages for years, others seemingly popped up overnight, yet all of them—every last one—need to disappear as soon as possible. Like, totes.

Take a look, and let us know if we’ve missed the word, phrase, or hashtag that drives you crazy in the comments.

1. Totes: Is your world really moving so fast that you can’t afford the extra breath to say the word “totally” in its entirety?

2. Ridic: Ditto for this one. What’s ridic is that the abbreviation of ridiculous is considered perfectly acceptable.

3. Amazeballs: We’re not sure where this silly one came from exactly, but it’s spread like a twee plague, and now even your mom uses it (or, a the very least, legendary actor Malcolm McDowell.)

4. Twerk: Thanks to Miley Cyrus, twerking somehow crawled its way into the Oxford English Dictionary. But it’s become so terribly ubiquitous it no longer feels like it has anything to do with the actual dance it refers to.

5. #SorryNotSorry: You love Celine Dion and you’re not sorry, we get it, so skip the first apology—it’s just making your point longer, anyway.

6“_____ is everything:” Really? Those Doritos Locos Tacos are everything? They take the place of a warm home, a strong family life, and a job you love? Probably not.

 7. YOLO: Thank Drake for this one, and the rest of the world for proliferating this monster. We prefer M.I.A.’s version “YALA,” which stands for “you always live again” (she’s Hindu, you know.)

8. Selfie: Sorry, but way before there were “selfies” there were these things called “self-portraits.” They have existed since the beginning of time — since man began drawing himself on the side of cave walls, actually. Selfies are nothing new so let’s stop acting like we’ve invented a new art form.

9. Swag/swagger/swaggy: Swag, except when used ironically, is just embarrassing now, people. Just like bling, once your parents start using it, it’s no longer cool.

10. Hack: Life hack, beauty hack, fashion hack. Everything is a hack lately. Just call it a tip or a trick, guys. It’s actually hack-y to turn everything into a hack.

11. Squee: “OMG, Squee! Panda!” Squee is not actually a sound anyone really makes. It’s really just a faux editorial device used to denote “cuteness,” and coming from full-grown adults, well, it’s not that cute.

12.  #hashtageverything: Oh, you’re using a hashtag and actually spelling it out. Clever! 

13. Nom nom nom (see: #nomnomnom): We get it, you’re going to devour that slice of pizza you just artfully posted to social media, just not sure why you have to take on Cookie Monster’s speech patterns to do it.