Anne Hathaway’s Baubles From Her Con Man Ex Up On The Auction Block

Bee Shyuan

Anne Hathaway with her con man ex Raffaello Follieri in pre-scandal days. Photo:

Talk about airing dirty laundry jewelry. Anne Hathaway decided to take the high route and have nothing to do with her ex, con man Raffaello Follieri, expensive baubles or not.

The Alice in Wonderland actress had until February to file a petition with the court claiming ownership of gifts (that included two Rolex watches, a pair of earrings with “blue and clear stones,” a silver cross necklace, two gold-tone rings, a five-strand pearl necklace and a Louis Vuitton box) but Hathaway chose to let her option expire, reports the New York Post.

Now the court will be putting the jewelry up for auction. (Get your mouses ready, celeb memorabilia hounds.)

To put things in context, Hathaway’s infamous ex was charged in August 2008 with ripping off a whopping $13 million from investors. Presumably with her career taking off, the actress can afford her own baubles, thank you very much.

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