Oops! Anne Hathaway’s Brother Spills That The Actress Is Pregnant

Julie Gerstein
Photo: Getty

Photo: Getty

Well, Thanksgiving dinner at the Hathaway house is probably going to be pretty awkward: During a comedy night in Brooklyn recently, Anne Hathaway’s comedian younger brother Tom allegedly accidentally let it slip that his older sister was expecting her first child with husband Adam Schulman.

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According to a source that attended the comedy night at Brooklyn’s Tandem Bar, her brother opened his set by saying, “My sister got married last year, and now she is about to be a new mom!” Said the source, “I don’t think he realized what he had done.”

While who known if his phrasing was that cut-and-dry, signs do point to a potentially pregnant Hathaway. “I’ve wanted to be a mom since I was 16,” she previously told The Sun. “But I also wanted to have a career, so I have been chomping at the bit to be a mother for a really long time.”

And, according to sources at Star magazine (again, take it for what it is), she’s cleared her schedule for the next year, giving her time to focus on having a family.

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She and Schulman have been together since 2008, and have been married since September 2012, so it’s not like a pregnancy would be totally out of the blue. We bet, though, that a comedy club in Brooklyn probably isn’t how they pictured telling the world.

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