Anne Hathaway Goes (Really) Casual In Enormous, Wrinkled, Baggy Pants

Spencer Cain

Anne Hathaway Visits A Friend In Hollywood

We’re not at all surprised when a celebrity turns up in a bizarre outfit. After all, being rich and famous doesn’t guarantee that you can throw together a good look on your own (that’s what stylists are for.) Case in point: this ensemble the paparazzi caught Anne Hathaway wearing while traipsing around L.A.

While the baggy look was all the rage in the 1990s, it seems to be creeping back into popular culture again thanks to the recent success of harem pants. But frankly, these are in a class of their own. Yes, she wasn’t on a red carpet and was simply running errands, but the slouchy, wrinkled pants are definitely an odd choice.

After a fairly disappointing awards season in terms of red carpet fashion (including the infamous Prada dress), Hathaway found herself in our good graces after a slew of fabulous outfits, including her knockout Givenchy ensemble at the Met Gala. Now it looks like she’s right back where she started.

What do you think—was this outfit a mess, or is she just being herself during her off-time?

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