Anna Wintour Says the Voguettes Don’t Think She’s Scary


OK, so we are going to go right ahead and call “BS” on this one, but Anna Wintour is claiming that her staff at Vogue does not find her at all intimidating. The Editor-in-Chief of the Fashion Bible with the notoriously icy demeanor was just named one of the Forbes Power Women of 2011 — number 69 to be more specific. When the editrix sat down with Forbes to chat about the honor, the first question out of the gate was, of course, about her reputation of being extremely intimidating. Ms. Wintour responded by saying, “Well I don’t think of myself as intimidating and I can assure you that the people I work with on a day-to-day basis don’t think that either…I think that’s just something that has been fabricated by the elements of the media.”Mmm hmm. We bet whoever was behind @CondeElevator would beg to differ!

Watch her full interview below.