Anna Wintour on The Absolute Power of Vogue

Kerry Pieri

Anna Wintour is obviously a public figure who consistently sparks interest because she is elusive and commanding, and anyone with that much power is, by nature, interesting. Talking to Anna Wintour about the most democratic forum to ever exist seems, in essence, kind of ironic. However, after won a Webby for People’s Voice, CNN sat down with the EIC to discuss that very thing the big, bad, world wide web.

Anna talks about how slow going the fashion industry was to accept online (20th row at Chanel! Only 5 looks allowed from a collection online?) and how things have obviously changed now she gets calls if a whole collection isn’t posted.

The interviewer seems to know little about how online works, saying that the site, which just launched in September is “truly innovative” for “adding Twitter and Facebook and interviews with the editors.” Oh, CNN.

But the heart of it is at the end when Anna getting all badass when explaining how differentiates itself and how it will continue to grow.”We have access and authority and the ability to connect with everybody within the industry. And, you know, whoever we call will pick up the phone.” I mean, when the lady is right, the lady is right. Catch the vid below.