Kim Kardashian Posts Instagram Photo Eating Eggs With Anna Wintour

Meghan Blalock

Perhaps the best part of the debacle that was the Kimye Vogue cover is imagining all the things that had to happen for it to become a reality. We already know Kanye West lunched with Anna Wintour numerous times, Grace Coddington was a major force behind making it happen, and that North West peed on her father during the shoot. And now, we have one more piece to the puzzle.

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Kim Kardashian posted a #TBT photo to her Instagram late last night (taken by Kanye), depicting the first time Anna Wintour met North, apparently over  brunch that involved some kind of egg dish and a delicious-looking champagne cocktail. Kim is wearing her now-trademark oversize camel coat, and—the best part—several members of the restaurant staff are lurking in the background gawking at them.

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Both Kim and Anna look relaxed, happy, and animated. This brunch probably took place after Grace Coddington got in Anna’s ear about allowing the power couple on the cover of fashion’s most important magazine; we imagine Anna is listening to Kim with a large grain of salt shaken over the top.

Check out the flashback shot below!