Anna Wintour Makes Her Instagram Debut!

Valeria Nekhim

Anna Wintour Vogue JPEG

Even though half her face is obstructed by cover girl Jennifer Lawrence, there’s no denying  Anna Wintour has made her first Instagram appearance, sunglasses ‘n’ signature bob in tow.

The infamous editor-in-chief of Vogue and artistic director at Condé Nast is no novice when it comes to marketing, timing her Instagram debut on the magazine’s account (officially known as a #voguestagram) with the release of the massive September issue.

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Wintour has been slow to embrace social media and only sent her first tweet in June in support of marriage equality. As with Instagram, the editor posted on Vogue‘s account, but signed off with her initials.

What Instagram filter did Wintour use you ask? Ha! The high priestess of fashion reportedly summoned a professional photographer for the occasion. Obviously.

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