Anna Sui’s Gossip Girl Creations


The blog world is abuzz about Anna Sui’s Gossip Girl inspired collection for Target, but for those of you who haven’t seen it on The Cut or Nylon we thought we’d break down the collection.

Sui went ahead and designed small capsules for each leading lady. Blair wins hands down with her sweetly feminine frocks- best worn with a serious sense of entitlement and a case of stiletto tongue. Jenny’s looks stand out because of their low-impact edge. Are those faux ripped tights? I think they are.

Vanessa is wearing what your hippie mother wore in the 70’s with slightly sporty undertones. The theme is on point, but they don’t actually look like pieces she would wear and you can only have so much burnt orange in your wardrobe. Last but not least is Serena. Sui seems just as confused as we are about Miss van der Woodsen’s wardrobe. Leather jackets and boob-bearing dresses seem right, but knickers? Really?

Which looks do you like best?