Anna Sheffield Tells Us the Story Behind WeSC + Bing Bang

Anna Sheffield Tells Us the Story Behind WeSC + Bing Bang
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We have been fans of Bing Bang, New Yorker Anna Sheffields tough chic jewelry line, for years, and couldnt be happier to hear about her collaboration for Fall 2011 with WeSC, one of our favorite streetwear (and headphone) companies. Hitting stores later this month, the jewelry and headphones are all priced under $110 and showcase the best elements of each brand. The pictures speak for themselves, but we wanted to ask Anna for the back story.

How did the collaboration come about?

WeSC is a kind of global collective and I know several people that are part of its NYC family Shelly Zander and Amy Gunther among them. One of the creatives for the brand is Tony Arcabascio, who I’ve also known for many years. I went by his office for a visit last Summer we sometimes catch up over a Pellegrino and talk about whats new in our worlds and he showed me these amazing headphones he designed for WeSC, along with a couple other New York artists.

I was so impressed by the whole concept, the old school headphones crossed with art in limited edition, with the whole box set idea. I just thought it was super amazing. So we started riffing on what Bing Bang’s version would be, and from there the collaboration idea was born!

What were you inspired by for this collection?

Bing Bang is a New York City-based brand its bones have the city tattooed on them, I guess. So I wanted to show that in the jewelry, like what parts of the city could be reflected in the design process. I started with the idea of Bridges. That’s a huge part of the 5 boroughs we live in, and also a symbol of connectedness. I wanted to create jewelry that showed that idea as well as the construction putting metal together so for example, the riveted design elements on the Anchor pendant and the Bar bracelet sort of reflect that process.

For the more girly side because that’s also part of BB showing the rough and tumble and the sweet I wanted to use pink gold and the idea of lasting Love. So I made the ‘Forever’ nameplate necklace and the faceted locket bracelet. Lastly, all of the pendants are interchangeable on the necklaces and bracelets, so you can mix and match or give one side of the ‘Baby Bitch’ split heart to your best friend or lover. I like that idea, of making jewelry personal so its your own creation myth or love story.

What is your favorite piece in the line?

I will totally wear or carry one of the ’til death’ knife pendants for sure its perfect for picnics! But my favorite in the collection are the headphones. They had to be tough and cute too, so we made them black on black with rose gold and silver details (love mixed metals!) plus the hearts over the ears thats a Bing Bang staple. And I’m all about hearts!