Anna Dello Russo + Ricardo Tisci Obsessed with Kanye West?

Anna Dello Russo + Ricardo Tisci Obsessed with Kanye West?
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Kanye West continues to establish himself within the fashion community. A fixture at the men’s shows and the ensuing street style photos, West is even adored by Anna Dello Russo herself. On a recent blog post, Dello Russo said “I think that todayONEof the most influentialpeople inmen’sfashion isKANYE WEST” and dressed up West in several looks from men’s spring/summer 2012 shows. The looks – which included Prada, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton and Versace – were some of the most colorful and outlandish of the season, certainly a good match for both West and Russo.

As if a little Dello Russ0 love wasn’t enough, Interview Magazine tweeted that the album cover for West and Jay Z’s collaboration “Watch the Throne” was designed by Givenchy designer Ricardo Tisci. The cover is gold and very ornate and we doubt Tisci has a ton of time to spare, so this must have been a project that was important to him.

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I can’t help but wonder, how long until West lets loose with one of his infamous statements and angers someone (if not everyone) in the fashion industry?