Anna Dello Russo Knows She’s A Totally Crazy Fashion Victim


Another day, another look inside the fantastical life of Vogue Japan’s fashion director Anna Dello Russo. In the latest installment, CNN took a camera crew to Dello Russo’s suite at the Ritz in Paris during Fashion Week last month, which she considers to be her “Olympic Games”she has to give her best sartorial performance. Upon entering the editor’s hotel room, you’ll notice that she has a pile of plush furs hanging by her door, and that she brought more clothing for a two-week trip than I have in my entire wardrobe (she changes three times a day).

Dello Russo admits that she knows she looks crazy, she’s a total fashion victim and that sometimes she resembles an overly-decorated Christmas tree, but that’s okay! It’s a risk she’s willing to take in order to share her passion with people. Oh, and if you ever wondered about her pre-dressing ritual, she puts on music, lights candles and dances naked to get in the mood. Watch the full video below!

Photo via Imaxtree