Ann Demeulemeester: I’m a Fan For Life


I vividly remember a time when I was the fashion assistant who checked an endless amount of samples in and out of the fashion closet at Condé Nast. One specific moment still stands out to me today. I recall robotically ripping open a bag of samples and literally freezing with a vacant expression while staring awestruck at the goods inside. I think I was so moved by the contents of the bag that I literally did not have a proper response that would express what I was truly feeling. All I could do was let out a tiny whisper in my breathiest voice: Ahhhhhnnnnn Dehhhhmeulemeesterrrrr….

Watching the new Spring collection has me overwhelmed with that same feeling of love for the brand again. The powerful Grecian dresses, the perfect oversized cotton tee, blousy blazers, a play on proportions, cascading tucks, sculptural lines and layers—Nirvana! The silver detailed embellishment and black beading are welcome elements–they manage to feel informal even considering their intricacy. I heart the bunching and folding and layers of lightweight fabric. The saffron gown could unintentionally rival a Tibetan Monk’s shamthap. The rest of it is the wardrobe of an intellectual traveler who has most likely spent plenty of her time studying South East Asia. All in all, it was a beautiful and magical collection that I am dying to see up close in detail.

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