30 Ways to Wear Ankle-Length Coats This Winter

Kristen Bousquet
30 Ways to Wear Ankle-Length Coats This Winter
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Maybe we have Kanye West to thank for this trend considering he’s been playing fashion puppet-master to his leading lady, Kim Kardashian, or maybe it’s just because they’re incredibly fashionable and warm, but ankle-length overcoats coats are everywhere this winter.

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When you’re forced to bare the cold, it makes perfect sense to cover as much of your body as possible to keep warm, but aside from the fact that these coats keep the freezing air out, they also give any outfit a serious dose of chic—even if Max Mara isn’t in your budget. And if you’re petite and worried about drowning in fabric, just remember to keep what your wearing underneath tailored and fairly close-cut (ahem, Kim’s perpetual pencil skirts and crops.)

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If you’re wondering how to style your ankle-length coat, read on: We’ve gathered 30 amazing looks from top bloggers and street style stars.