The 20 Cutest Animal Instagram Accounts

Kristen Bousquet
The 20 Cutest Animal Instagram Accounts
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When we say that everyone is on Instagram, we literally mean everyone—pets included. Lately, our feeds have been filled with various animals who miraculously learned how to work a smartphone, spell, type, and use filters, and they’re pretty damn cute.

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You might be thinking “why?” or “that’s dumb” or “what’s the point?” but after seeing these animal Instagram accounts, you’ll probably start to understand why certain ones are so popular, they have over 400k followers!

Click through the slideshow and make sure to follow all these adorable animal Instagram accounts to brighten your day.

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Instagram: @_whataboutbob_

Meet the Instagram account of "exotic bros" Bob & Kevin. Grumpy cat, who?

Instagram: @barkleysircharles

This Seattle based French Bulldog has the biggest smile ever. If you're looking for something to brighten your dog, his Instagram account is your answer.

Instagram: @blinddogjack

Jack is blind and has survived cancer but that doesn't stop Jack from being the happiest little dog on the planet. Follow him on Instagram to see all his big smiles.

Instagram: @corgnelius

Corgnelius is the account filled with photos of two Pembroke Welsh Corgi brothers who reside in Los Angeles, CA. Check out their Instagram for short legs and big smiles.

Instagram: @darcytheflyinghedgehog

While dogs and cats are incredibly cute, we never thought we'd "ooh" and "aww" over a hedgehog but Darcy totally makes us swoon—oh, and she has over over 413k followers.

Instagram: @dearbeta

Beta is a French Bulldog located in London, England. If dogs, could talk we met he'd have the cutest little British accent to follow with his good looks.

Instagram: @digbyvanwinkle

What's funnier than two grumpy dogs wearing clothes? Answer: Basically nothing.

Instagram: @dog_dada

With over 153k Instagram followers, this little puppy is too easy to fall in love with. If you looked up the definition of "puppy face" in the dictionary, you'd see her face for sure.

Instagram: @hamilton_the_hipster_cat


Instagram: @jermzlee

Norm is just a normal pug, yanno, casually taking selfies. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Instagram: @mensweardog

You know, just a dog casually wearing mens clothes (and modeling them better than some mens models if we might add).

Instagram: @otterthepitbull

We have a seriously hard time believing that "all pit bulls are dangerous" after seeing Otter the Pit Bull. Otter was adopted and now fashionably resides in Philly.

Instagram: @piratepugjack

Have you ever seen a happier one-eyed pug? Probably not. And all 17k of his followers probably think of the same thing.

Instagram: @princessmonstertruck

This awesome little rescue cat has "all teeth no bite"—and teeth is what makes this cat so unique. Her intense under bite will have you smiling for days.

Instagram: @pudgethecat

All we have to say is Pudge's bio is as follows: "I'm a girl & my mustache is better than yours". 

Instagram: @riobluebostonterrier

Rio, a female Blue Boston Terrier from Los Angeles, CA, may or may not be the most adorable Boston Terrier ever. And maybe the most popular since she has over 48k followers on Instagram!

Instagram: @smooshblog

Smoosh is a 9 year old exotic shorthair adoptee based in Bloomington, IN. Obviously, her hobbies include hanging out in boxes, sleeping, and eating treats.

Instagram: @thiswildidea

This pup is too cute for words—that's why his Instagram is so perfect. You'll get to his all the adventures he goes on like walks through the woods or eating a pizza.

Instagram: @trotterpup

Trotter claims to be "Fat & sassy" and Ms. Piggy is her spirit animal. How appropriate for a French Bulldog based in San Francisco with a face this cute?

Instagram: @tunameltsmyheart

With over 784k followers, Tuna truly has taken over Instgram with his adorable face. How can you resist?!

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