Animal Collective Box Set Sells Out


The Animal Collective box set Animal Crack Box was released yesterday and is already sold out. So… Wow. That happened.

Animal Crack Box has been tormenting Animal Collective super fans for years and it was doubted whether or not the triple LP live box set even existed. It might as well not have existed considering only 1,000 copies were produced and Fusetron already posted the following message to late comers:

Due to overwhelming demand we have suspended taking orders until further notice. It will take a day or two to sort out all the orders up to this point. If there are any copies left we will announce it on the next e-mail update. Thanks to everyone for their enthusiasm.

I can’t even act surprised. Animal Collective’s “Campfire Songs” label Catsup Plate hosted an eBay auction featuring the Animal Crack Box with all proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders and it was sold for $2,425.

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