Angelina Jolie’s Trainer On Overcoming Weight-Loss Plateau


Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight can empathize with the misery that comes with trying to shed those last, stubborn five pounds. You’ve been working your tush off at the gym every day, sweating through the pain and living in a perpetual state of hunger, but no matter what you do, that scale just refuses to budge. This, my friends, is a little something that fitness and nutrition experts like to refer to as reaching your weight-loss plateau. Hollywood trainer Gunnar Peterson was kind enough to share some great, insider tips for overcoming your plateau and finally shedding that last bit of weight. So before you throw your scale out the window, I suggest you read on.

What exactly does it mean to reach a plateau?

A plateau is when your weight loss levels off and your body seems to resist losing weight under the same calorie/exercise regime.

People plateau for a variety of reasons, here are a few of them:

1. Lack of change in their training program

2. Waning intensity during training

3. Less than optimal sleep patterns

4. Poor nutrition either quality, quantity or timing

Moving past that hump…

Sometimes the best way to break through a plateau is to take a few days off, catch up on your sleep, and then come back to your workouts with a new approach.

Trying to push through a plateau isnt always the best approach. That beastly approach is less alluring as people age too.

3 things you can do to lose the last 5 pounds…

1. Pare down the size/caloric content of your meals as the day goes by

2. Make sure to have protein at every meal and to eat it FIRST

3. Keep processed foods at arms length. Its hard to get really dialed in if your are living on chemicals.

Have some patience!

Length of time depends on the person, how long theyve been dieting/training and just how diligent they have been. Sometimes were not adhering to a program the way we think we are. You have to be honest with yourself about how well you are sticking to plan. No one judges harder than you do, so be honest. Then give it 1-2 weeks and watch the magic happen!

When you think of hot hollywood, there are certain names that naturally come to mind: Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Matthew McConaughey, Penelope Cruz… the list goes on. While they may want you to think that they’re just genetically blessed, those hot bodies are actually thanks to the magical touch of trainer Gunnar Peterson, who has been a fixture on the Hollywood fitness scene for decades.

Photo: Juan Naharro Gimenez, GettyImages

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