Angelina Jolie: A Woman in Love


Here’s a first look at the highly-anticipated November 2008 cover of W magazine. On it, Angelina Jolie is photographed by Brad Pitt (using a camera she purchased for him) breastfeeding their child. This is only one in a series of intimate portraits that Pitt snapped of his wife for the feature story, but if it’s any indication of the photographs inside, I can’t wait until the issue hits newsstands. Not only is it totally refreshing to see a magazine cover that is completely natural (read: not overtly stylized), the portrait is actually really good! Who knew that Brad had other talents in his stable besides acting, architecture, being hot, general do-goodery, and, er, being hot.

In the portrait, it appears as though Angelina is completely relaxed, happy, at peace, and in love. Sigh. As much as I want to be jealous, I just can’t help but look at this picture and get happy little goosebumps. Kind of makes you believe in happily ever after, doesn’t it?