Angelina Jolie Remains Blood Buddies With Billy Bob

Jamie Rose

Angelina Jolie is one hot freak of nature and a good ex-wife at the same time. The former Mrs. Billy Bob Thornton just wrote the intro to his new memoir, The Billy Bob Tapes: Caves Full of Ghosts. We don’t know what kind of title that is, but it sounds just as unusual as the two of them are.

Jolie and Thornton were married for three years, infamously exchanging vials of blood instead of wedding rings. And who could forget their constant PDA? Thornton was a little too honest with a reporter at an event when he revealed that they just had sex in their car.

Though their marriage ended, the two actors seem to still talk. Why else would Jolie do this generous deed? Who knows what she wrote in that foreword or what this memoir entails. We’re just wondering what Brad Pitt thought of this gesture.

Photo Credit: Sipa Press

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