Angelina Jolie to Open Schools in Afghanistan Funded by Her Super Luxe Jewelry Line

Spencer Cain

Angelina Jolie is truly the queen of all celebrity philanthropists. Even if you’re a member of the group (read: diehard Jennifer Aniston fans) that still feels scorned by her relationship with Brad Pitt, you can’t argue that she always gives back—and she does so in the most stylish ways possible. Case in point: The actress and U.N. ambassador has officially opened up her first all-girls’ school in Kabul, Afghanistan educating between 200 to 300 girls—and she plans to open many more, stating that they will be exclusively funded by her newly launched jewelry line that’s up for sale this week.
A collaboration with esteemed designer Robert Procop, the Style of Jolie jewelry line is unique in the market, and utilizes statement gemstones cut in the shape of tablet—something that is reportedly an exclusive feature. And it’s clear from the materials used that it’s very high-end when prices are concerned. You may have seen Procop’s name splashed around magazines last year when Pitt and Jolie finally got engaged after years of dating (not to mention six children). He designed a 15 carat ring with Pitt that reportedly cost a whopping $500,000, so if that’s any indication of how the Style of Jolie line is priced, it’s clear that she’ll be building a host of schools very shortly, especially consider 100 percent of the profits are to go to charity.
robert procop angelina jolie jewelry line ioy3c Angelina Jolie to Open Schools in Afghanistan Funded by Her Super Luxe Jewelry Line
Some of the more lavish pieces in the collection include a 27 carat emerald ring, a 103.48 carat necklace, and massive emerald drop earrings framed with red gold. Given Jolie’s penchant for emerald accessories, we’re not surprised the stone is being featured so prominently in the line. Tivol, a Kansas City jeweler, will be the first retailer to sell the collection.
“Beyond enjoying the artistic satisfaction of designing these jewels, we are inspired by knowing our work is also serving the mutual goal of providing for children in need,” Jolie told E! News.

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