Angelina Jolie For Louis Vuitton, Making Bank

Kerry Pieri

Angelina Jolie is joining the ranks of Madonna, J.Lo, Kate Moss, ScarJo and Uma Thurman, and taking a bit of a step up from St. John. The mom of 100 kids (kidding, 6) reportedly just signed a “lucrative” deal to star in a Louis Vuitton campaign, according to E! News.

The print-only campaign, which is rumored to be shot by Annie Leibowitz, will launch this summer. The biggest news is that Jolie will apparently be getting paid close to $10 million dollars, though neither the actress nor LV commented officially for the article. Do you think Jolie is influential enough to deserve that kind of money?

I guess I’m just more likely to get excited over the Abbey Lees and Anjas of the world, but there’s no denying the people love them some Angelina. I can also so see her and Marc becoming total BFFs.

Photo: Steve Granitz, WireImage

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