Angelina Jolie Just Accused Brad Pitt of Not Letting Her Move on From Him After Their Divorce

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt
Photo: zz/NPI/STAR MAX/IPx.

It’s on. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt‘s Miraval wine is at the center of yet another legal battle between the former couple.

In a petition filed on Tuesday, July 6, Jolie accused Pitt of preventing her from selling Château Miraval, the French castle and winery they bought in 2008 for $67 million. In the petition, Jolie asked a judge to remove an automatic restraining order (ATRO) on her divorce from Pitt. The ATRO is a common order that prevents either party of a couple from making financial decisions that would hurt the other amid divorce proceedings. Jolie and Pitt, who married in 2014 at Château Miraval, separated in 2016. They were declared legally single in 2019, but have not finalized a settlement or custody agreement in their divorce.

According to documents obtained by Us Weekly, Jolie’s lawyers claim that the Maleficent star has found a third-party buyer for her share of her and Pitt’s Nouvel, LLC, wine business, but she can’t finalize the sale because her ex-husband hasn’t consented to lifting the restraining order, which means that unless a judge agrees to Jolie’s request to lift the order, she won’t be able to sell her share of Miraval.

Prior to her petition, Jolie filed an emergency application to remove the restraining order on June 30, 20221, so that her third-party buyer wouldn’t have time to back out of the sale. However, the judge denied the emergency application and ruled that Jolie’s legal team had not proved there was “immediate danger/irreparable harm or immediate loss/damage to property.” In the legal documents, Jolie also claimed the property was solely hers to start with since it was purchased in 2006, eight years before she and Pitt married.

In 2020, Pitt took his then-girlfriend, Nicole Poturalski, to Château Miraval, where Pitt and Jolie also married in 2014. A source told Us Weekly at the time that Jolie was “furious” to learn that Pitt had invited his girlfriend to the estate where they wed. Pitt and Poturalski’s trip also occurred around the time of Pitt and Jolie’s former wedding anniversary.  “[She’s] furious and utterly stunned Brad could stoop this low,” the insider said. “It grosses her out that he’s cavorting around Europe so publicly with this girl, instead of keeping a private and dignified lid on his love life,” adds the outlet’s source. “The fact he’s apparently taken them to her marital home is just beyond tacky and inappropriate, however Brad wants to cut it.”

A second source added, “Taking Nicole to Miraval on their former wedding anniversary, Brad knows exactly what he is doing and the reaction it’s going to get from Angelina. He just doesn’t care if Angelina is going to lash out. He expects she will.”

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