Andy Cohen Is A Full-Time Late Night Host: Are You Excited?

Spencer Cain

As an avid Bravo viewer (which you probably are too — don’t lie!), I always tune in and watch the Andy Cohen-hosted Watch What Happens: Live. The half-hour series is always a riot, as it takes place in a somewhat dinky “clubhouse”and features Andy and a variety of absurd guests (usually of the Housewives variety) sipping cocktails of their choice and talking smack about the show that aired before it.

Clearly, I’m not the only one who enjoys the spectacle: Bravo has announced that Watch What Happens: Live will now be five nights a week, and Andy will be relinquishing some of his responsibilities at the network in order to focus on his hosting duties.

I’m excited for this to be more of a full-time production, as it will work out some of the small kinks and help streamline the show. Andy is a great host, however I couldn’t help but think about some other “Bravolebrities” who would be perfect for this gig. Take a look at the poll below and let me know who you think would serve up some late night justice.

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